Buy 1 Million Instagram Followers

Our price for 1 million Instagram followers is $2999, the cheapest on the internet and without any hidden fees.

This is a gradual campaign. If an Instagram account acquires 1 million followers out of the blue, it runs the risk of potentially being flagged for review.  While no Instagram Follower provider can guarantee that this won’t happen to your account, the risk is greatly reduced by adding followers at a slow pace over several weeks or months. This is similar to the way that an account builds followers organically and is less likely to raise any red flags.

For this package, we’ll give you a dedicated U.S.-based account manager out of our NJ office that will update you throughout your campaign. Email us at with any questions.


$4,950.00 $2,999.00

Important note: there is no way to purchase engaged followers on social media, period. No service, including this one, can deliver social media engagement from real engaged accounts. These accounts are all owned by third parties